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long distance moving

Long distance removals can sometimes be tricky, our customers find themselves moving to different city, which leads to some challenges that are not apparent in local relocations, here are some factors to take into account when planning your relocation to a new city.

local moving

We understand that moving can be a stressful time in life, because of this we advise our clients of the various options and services available. To make the entire process of relocating your household as seamless as possible, we have listed some important factors to take into consideration when you planning your relocation.

office relocation

Simba Power Logistics is a professional moving company and we are experts in packing and moving your companies assets. We work closely with our clients to ensure a well planned and coordinated move. We are aware of your needs and make sure that your office move causes minimal loss of productivity.

dissembling& assembling

Worried about disassembling or assembling large furniture, swing sets, children play sets, beds, gym equipment and more, seat back and relax, our professional team will do it for you. If this service is needed please advise in advance.


Simba Power Logistics offers minor hoisting services in the event of furniture failing to fit through the door ways, passages or staircases. Our team hoist normally through the balcony or over the wall. If this service is needed please advise prior to the moving date so that we can have the necessary equipment and labour available.

packing & unpacking

As professional movers, Simba Power Logistics understands how hectic packing or unpacking can be. Hence we offer this service upon request and our capable team will do it with utmost care for your valuables. Packaging services and material come at a reasonable cost and blankets to cushion your furniture will be provided at no cost. This service should be requested prior to the moving date.

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