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company background

Simba Power Logistics was founded by visionary entrepreneurs who are ambitious and passionate about business, with the aim of becoming one of the biggest transport and logistics operation in and around South Africa.

The owners possess good leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and managerial skills. With all their experience in various business environment and their entrepreneurial skills Simba Power Logistcis is anticipated to develop and reach unprecedented heights through pure commitment and dedication

Their experience will ensure that the company’s Administrative functions, Accounts and other related business activities are well monitored and executed with care and skill. With this combination of various business skills and experience the company is expected to become a name to be reckoned with in the transport sector.

Our corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our client’s needs and requirements. This is done by bringing a sharper focus to the requirements of the client and striving to leverage cutting edge technology to provide the highest levels of service through cost efficient methods.

We also pride ourselves with a culture and tradition of ingenuity, which has driven continuously improvements, and the relentless drive for innovation in the way we operate.

Our Mission

To prove ourself to be the leading and successful company in the Republic of South Africa. To be focused and economically viable, both locally and nationally by implementing an effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable program of service.

Our vision

To be a leading service provider in Africa. To plough back into the communities within which we operate.

Our values

Satisfying the aspirations of our clients and employees, as well as upholding the integrity of our operational contracts. We commit ourselves to a Code of Good Conduct and professionalism at all times.

Our perfomance

We demand excellence delivery on our promises and continuously search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for our customers and all stakeholders. We care about and are personally committed to everything we do, their safety and development, our customers and their success.

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