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Personalized Furniture Movers Services in Johannesburg

Need someone who can move your costly furniture with care? Simba Power Logistics is high on the list when it comes to the supplier of top furniture movers services in Johannesburg. While no two furniture moving firms are the same working with Simba Power Logistics ensure you’ll be served by movers skilled at moving furniture conveniently and safely.

How We’re Different From Other Furniture Moving Companies?

We bring the right tools: Simba Power Logistics bring the right tools and equipment to offer the most convenient furniture movers services in Johannesburg. Our furniture moving techniques are the best through which we make sure the safe handling & transport of each furniture in your house. Whether moving a metal folding chair or a mahogany armoire, our team follows the same safety measures to safeguard every item in their responsibility.

Skilled furniture movers: There’s no denying that furniture moving takes skilled manpower for lifting & carrying. Our movers are capable and they bring the dollies, straps and ramps to secure your items and make the most efficient use of their effort.

Preparation & protection: Our furniture movers are skilled and they know the best packing and preparation techniques for different kinds of furniture. Rest assured that when you unwrap your furniture in your new home, it’ll be in the same state it was in when we wrapped it.

Packing services upon request: Being pro movers, we understands the difficulty of packing or unpacking furniture. Therefore, upon request we can pack your furnishing with utmost care. Rest assured that we will pack your delicate furniture with plenty of protective materials around them to ensure they stay safe during transport. We can arrange packing supplies at a reasonable cost.

Furniture Hoisting: Hoisting is a delicate procedure that need meticulous training & experience. You must never try to lift heavy furnishing items from the upper levels of your house without help from a pro mover. We can offer minor Furniture Hoisting Services in Johannesburg in the event of furniture failing to fit through the door ways, passages or staircases. Remember, we offer this service upon request, so do let us know in advance if you need furniture hoisting on your next move.

Our furniture movers services in Johannesburg offer individualized care. We know that no two furniture removal jobs are the same, hence ensure you get a personalized estimate for your project. If you’d like to receive a furniture moving quote, call us on 073 274 5770.

Whenever you decide to pack, store or just to move to a new start, Simba Power Logistics will lead the way.

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