professional furniture assembly in johannesburg

Everyone knows that some assembly required is often a significant understatement! Successful furniture assembly shouldn’t require a background in construction or take hours of your time to complete. There is an easier way to get your furniture assembled, while saving your time for more enjoyable endeavors—Simba Power! Our skilled professionals have  years in the handyman industry. Although we’ve seen it all, there are times when furniture assembly instructions make us scratch our head and wonder, who writes this stuff?

Fortunately, the experts at your local Simba Power Logistics have a knack for building things, whether the instructions make sense or not. We’ll unbox your furniture, bookshelf, or whatever else you need to put together and start putting it together so you can begin using your new furniture as soon as possible . no more agonizing over confusing instructions or pulling your hair out trying to figure out how it all fits together. We take the worry and frustration out of furniture assembly. We assemble your items, get rid of the trash, and put your new items right where you want them.

What do we assemble?

Whether you don’t have time or don’t want the hassle, hiring a furniture assembly service is an ideal solution to get your items assembled fast and with worry. From fences to futons and bikes to bookcases, you can rely on the experience and skill our professionals bring to the job. Instructions not in English? Missing some necessary assembly hardware? Don’t worry. Simba Power Logistics comes prepared to handle anything your assembly project requires.

From your bedroom to your patio, Simba Power Logistics assembly services can put together just about everything:


professional furniture assembly
Professional furniture assembly

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